The Schedule

We’d like to be back in the first week of August. We have 28 days to get to the Oregon Country Fair near Eugene, and we’ll probably spend about a week in that area, so we’ll plan for 15 days to get back.

The following list is how we’ve pencilled in our itinerary. For each day in sequence, we list the place we hope to sleep at the end of the day, with highlights of the day listed in parentheses. Days that are blank represent a “slack” day or an extra day enjoying a particular place.

With four weeks to get to Country Fair:

01 NE Nebraska
02 SW Nebraska (North Platte? Ogalla?)
03 Boulder
04 Nederland
05 Caribou
07 Rocky Mountain National Park

09 Gunnison
10 Telluride/Cortez
11 SE Utah (4 Corners)
12 Grand Canyon
13 Indio
14 San Diego County mountains

16 North San Diego County (day in San Diego)
17 day in Los Angeles (Venice, Santa Monica, Hollywood)
18 Los Padres National Forest (Topanga, Santa Barbara, Isla Vista)
19 Big Sur
20 Santa Cruz
21 San Francisco

22 Berkeley
23 Marin/Sonoma Counties
24 Humboldt County
25 Mount Shasta
26 Crater Lake National Park
27 Coos Bay
28 Oregon Country Fair

With 15 days to get home:

01 Portland
02 Olympic National Park
04 Seattle
05 Vancouver
07 Northern Washington

08 Glacier National Park
10 Missoula
11 Yellowstone National Park
13 Cody, Wyo.
14 Devil’s Tower National Monument

15 Badlands National Park

Of course, we can plan the plan, but we can’t plan the outcome. On the other hand, we’ll have a much better outcome if we have a plan.

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