Week 3 – Arizona thru Southern and Central California

From the Arizona desert we follow Route 66 into California. We visit a former home in the Southern California mountains before finding the coast highway and visiting San Diego, Venice, Santa Monica, Topanga, Santa Barbara, and the Big Sur coast.

Scenic desert on old Route 66, moonscapes in the California desert, the Coachella Valley, and Pines to Palms Highway.
Driving through the land of organic fruit and a visit to Obbie's high desert home from the late 80s.
Leaving the high desert backcountry for the big city of San Diego and beginning our trek northbound on the coast highway.
A day in the Los Angeles area, with a bike ride around Venice and Santa Monica and a visit to an old homestead in Topanga.
A walk around downtown Santa Barbara, and losing ourselves in a monstrous fig tree.
A Sunday swim in the Santa Ynez valley, and pressing on to the central California coast.
Driving the most iconic portion of Route 1, and touching the ocean near Carmel.