Week 2 – Colorado to Arizona

The cool green high country of Colorado gives way to the unforgiving deserts of Arizona, with Mesa Verde and the Grand Canyon along the way.

Exploring Rocky Mountain National Park, from Trail Ridge Road to the Colorado River Trail.
Hiking out of the Rocky Mountain backcountry, and driving back and forth across the Continental Divide.
Climax Mine, Fremont Pass, Leadville, and the headwaters of the Arkansas River.
Getting the cold shoulder in the coldest town in America, driving to Telluride.
Breakfast in Stoner, the Mesa Verde National Park cliff dwellings, and Monument Valley.
Starting in Page, we make our way through Navaho country to the Desert View Watchtower in Grand Canyon National Park.
Climbing Grandview Lookout Tower, inspecting a vintage steam train, and hiking the Bright Angel Trail into the Grand Canyon.