Day 31 – Springfield OR -> Oregon Country Fair

Some La Crosse friends come to Springfield every year to attend the Oregon Country Fair and visit with family members who are also being gracious and wonderful hosts to us purple people. After we all had breakfast together, our first mission was to visit the local Schwagway supermarket to get our tickets for Country Fair.

With our tickets in hand, it was time for some mid-trip recovery and maintenance. The Big Red Dog was emptied out, sorted through, and repacked. Loads of laundry were processed. Phone calls were made to a mechanic, and an appointment was made to have the truck looked at Tuesday.

We had a nutritious meal at a Thai place late in the afternoon, thinking that such food would be hard to come by at Country Fair. As we drove through Eugene, we stopped at a Schwagway for beer and other last-minute supplies. At the customer service counter was an impossibly long line for Country Fair tickets. It’s a good thing we got ours this morning in Springfield.

All stocked up, and ready to leave the Schwagway parking lot for the Oregon County Fair.

There is no “official” camping area for the Country Fair. In fact, there is minimal parking at the site, and attendees are encouraged to ride shuttle buses from Eugene or Veneta. But the fair site is ringed by private campgrounds, some established and some temporary. We had arranged to meet at the Old Oak campground, which is where we had settled in by 6pm.

Tomorrow the real fun starts.

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