Week 7 – Mt. Hood to Northeast Washington

We visit Portland and Seattle, take the train to Vancouver BC, and hug the northern border as we turn east.

Mt. Hood apparently gave us altitude sickness, so we retreated down the mountain to rest in Gresham for tomorrow's day in Portland.
Visiting downtown Portland via the MAX light rail system, and driving out toward the Pacific Ocean and the last chance to cross the Columbia River.
A trip along the Pacific shore in Washington state, from Cape Disappointment to Quinault Valley Rain Forest.
A day trip walking through the high points of the heart of Seattle.
We park the Big Red Dog and take our backpacks on a train trip across the border to Vancouver BC.
A last romp thru Vancouver BC before taking the Amtrak back to the USA.
Driving through the Cascades, and seeing a temperate rain forest abruptly become a desert.

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